“I was a stranger and you welcomed me” (Matt 25:35)

Thanksgiving Mass

Today, 25 October, it’s the 128th year Anniversary of the Scalabrinian Sisters Congregation foundation founded in 1895 in Piacenza, Italy, by Saint Scalabrini.

Bienvenu Shelter held a Eucharistic Celebration on Monday 23 October, in thanksgiving of the Scalabrinian Sisters anniversary, 1 year anniversary of Saint Scalabrini Canonization, and the 3 month missionary experience of Sr Lilly, mscs, in South Africa. The Mass was led by Fr Arnaldo and attended by the Sisters, Staff, Residents and Children of the Shelter.

A day of joy, prayer, happiness and celebrating together as Bienvenu Shelter Family, praying for each one of us, our dear donors, friends, families, migrants and refugees who are a part of our journey.

Happy feat day! May Saint Scalabrini Bless all, abundantly!

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