“I was a stranger and you welcomed me” (Matt 25:35)


Items can also be personalized Sewing machines and a starter kit are given to the students on completion of the advanced sewing course. Individual assessments, monitoring and evaluations were carried out by the sewing teacher prior to this to ensure that students graduating had the skills and knowledge to start their own business.

It is compulsory that all students attend a business workshop on completion of their training. This is training provides them with the knowledge of business skills and managing finances in order for them to be successful and self- sustainable. The course outlines what is required of student in setting up business, how to finance and maintain your business, starter checklist and factors to ensure success. On completion of the business course, students of the advanced sewing course receive a starter kit.


1 Teacher

1 Sewing facilitator

1 Project Manager

1 Training Admin


Bienvenu Shelter provides sewing training for women whom are interested in learning this skill. This project runs for a three month period and teaches the women how to make various items in which they can eventually earn an income from. Thus resulting them in becoming self-sustainable and empowered. The sewing project initially started for residents so they could make clothes and sell them to generate income. Over the years the sewing project has grown as many women have succeeded in setting up small businesses. They have become role models to others. This project has become one of the key training programs that has truly been a success as we have had and continue to have so many students that have been able to better their lives and become self sustainable.


The objective of the course is to provide learning opportunities and skill development in sewing enabling women to become self-sustainable.


The course is divided into a three month basic training course and then an advanced level. Based on the level of training provided, students are taught how to make a skirt, blouse, shirt, trousers, bags, mobile phone holders, dresses, computer bags, place mats, aprons etc.