“I was a stranger and you welcomed me” (Matt 25:35)

Domestic and child minding


This specific course has and continues to be one of the most successful training courses as the workshop which runs for a three day period, teaches students on basic child minding, first aid in the home, healthy menu planning and generally looking after children. It also covers how to use cleaning items correctly, making beds and good cleaning techniques. Students have to then carry out practicals and will only pass if they have achieved in all areas. All successful students have an opportunity of having employment afterwards and this is sought by the trainer.


We do believe that having more people taking this kind of course will be useful if they can then after provide their assistance to the children of the communities that we are targeting.


The domestic and child minding course provides skills and knowledge of how to professionally look after children and take care of a home. The course comprises, various activities, starting from cooking with and for the children, providing learning experiences and healthy, nutritious meals and snacks, creative play, reading, and storytelling with little ones. Taking children to and from nursery, school, or their other activities and clubs, networking and making connections with other childcare and education professionals in the area, working together to support children’s learning and development.