“I was a stranger and you welcomed me” (Matt 25:35)

English Classes


1 Teacher

1 Assistant/Interpreter

1 Supervisor

1 Director


When Bienvenu Shelter first opened its doors, we found that there was a great need for residents to to learn the English language. The Shelter provides English Courses in Partnership with Pastoral Care. Each course runs for a 3 month period. English Language is essential in order to fully integrate the women in South Africa. This enables them to find work or start their own businesses.


The objective of English class is to empower residents and people within the local community to gain knowledge in the English language, verbal and written in order for them to be fully integrated and have the opportunity to access employment. Young adults who didn’t have an opportunity to complete schooling and people unable to speak the English language are seen as priority.


Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing. A Certificate is provided on completion of the course and a graduation ceremony is held.