“I was a stranger and you welcomed me” (Matt 25:35)

Staff Team Building Workshop

On Wednesday 30 August 2023, the Bienvenu Shelter Staff gathered together to take part in the Team Building Workshop facilitated by an Art therapist from the Butterfly Art Project.

The facilitator told everyone how the ultimate result of the therapy offered would benefit attendees – whether they had trouble in drawing a stick figure or were professional artists.

They were all encouraged to express their feelings in various forms of drawing and colouring. This took many of them back to their childhood days and amid much laughter, they produced what they felt was absolutely superior art and then, on a more serious note, all were invited to share the meaning of their production and what they hoped this would realise in their personal lives. In all, it was a really wonderful day where all the Staff learnt a lot about themselves and each colleague while enjoying a huge amount of fun, with all the team and looking forward to the next session.

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