“I was a stranger and you welcomed me” (Matt 25:35)

Royal Award for her service in helping the poorest

The Director and Project manager had the opportunity of travelling to the Netherlands to surprise one of our dear donors of which we call family, Christien Heutink. On 26 April 2024 Christien was nominated and selected to receive the Royal award and was knighted for her continuously support and voluntary service in helping the poorest. Bienvenu Shelter for refugee women and their children was one of the Projects mentioned as Christien showed so much commitment and dedication towards this mission.

Christien has empowered so many women and has a huge heart for all the children, making a huge difference to so many lives with her kindness and understanding of their needs and every day challenges.

May she continue spreading her love, kindness and selflessness and may God guide her on this rewarding journey of life.

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